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: Blurring the boundary between artwork and furniture.

: Blurring the boundary between artwork and furniture.

HOLM New York is a design studio. We design and produce our objects in New York. Each object is uniquely designed by our in-house designers and meticulously crafted by selected local artisans. The objects are created to reveal stories beyond their surfaces, inviting people to explore the deeper concepts behind our creations.

Our founder, Henry Chang, says, “We don't categorize our work as either furniture or artwork; we simply call it an object. The object serves as a medium that reflects a particular period, showcasing how people think, what they like, and, of course, preserving the evidence of people’s history.”

At the core of HOLM New York is the mission to blur the boundary between artwork and furniture. However, our objects also act as portals, enabling people not only to see but also to touch and feel a piece of history, allowing them to experience a slice of the universe's ever-evolving story.

blurring to be continued...

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